Halem Heights Wine Club

We deliver a four-bottle selection to your door every three months. Customize your selection before it ships or enjoy our curated selections.

Each package is sent with 3-day shipping in temperature-controlled transportation. Available in 35+ states. 


Wine Club Frequently Asked Questions

I Just Signed up! What's next?

Thanks for signing up! Once you provide your credit card information, you will receive an email from our system confirming your wine club membership. After that, our wine club shipments are shipped quarterly. So, depending on when you sign up, it might be a few months until you get your wine. 

When the wine is ready to ship, you will receive an email notification that your credit card has been charged for the release. If you need to make any changes to your order, please reply to this email as soon as possible! If all looks good, a few days later, you will receive a second email from UPS providing you with your tracking information.

How do I know when my Wine is Coming?

You will receive several emails through our system once the club selections are released.

  • You will receive an email to let you know your credit card has been charged.
  • About three business days later, once the order is scanned by UPS, you will receive an email that will provide the date of shipment and tracking number.
  • Each time a shipper attempts to deliver the package and there is no one 21 years of age or older to sign for the package, a failed delivery notice will be emailed to you.

Should you miss your shipment of wine, please contact us directly at caitlin@halemheights.com.

Can I Change the wine in my order?

We hand select the wines in each release for you. However, if there is one wine that you know you love and want to drink again, please let us know as soon as possible that you want it and we will do everything we can to accommodate your request.

Can I gift a wine club subscription?

A club membership can be gifted as a “Pay as You Go” where the credit card is charged with each release or a “Paid in Advance” where a lump sum is charged in advance of the release(s). Send us an email if you’d like to set this up!


What's the $1 Charge on my Credit Card?

When new members register, they provide credit/payment card information. To assure the card is correct the card processor may send a $1.00 charge request to authenticate the card. We make sure the credit card is VALID. And YES, the $1.00 charge is immediately removed.

How Often Does my Wine Ship?

Our wine club wine ship every three months (four shipments a year). The wines will ship in February, May, August, and December.

How much does it cost to ship my wine?

Your wine is shipped with 3-day shipping via UPS from Salem, Oregon. To determine your own personal cost, you can visit UPS.com and use their tool, or, you can add 4 bottles of wine to your cart on our website and estimate the shipping charges that way.

I'm not Home. Can I Hold a Shipment?

Yes! You can hold your shipment of wine if you know you won’t be home. After you receive the email that your wine is on the way, please respond as soon as possible to let us know you need to make a change. There are about three business days between charging your card and shipping the wine, so you are able to make a change within that time window. 

Can I pick up my wine instead of shipping it?

Yes! If you live in Portland, Oregon, you can pick up your wine when it’s time for a release instead of shipping it. Just send us an email at caitlin@halemheights.com if you’d like to do a pickup for your wine.

Can I use a discount code?

The wine in the wine club is heavily discounted at 50% off so we do not offer the ability to stack an additional discount on top of the already reduced price.

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