What is Pinot Noir

The Basics

Pinot Noir is a special style of dry red wine from several regions of United States (including the Willamette Valley) and South America. It’s a low-alcohol wine, which is lighter than most reds. Pinot Noir is typically a medium-bodied red grape varietal and a light-to-medium-tasting style of dry red wine, usually fruity and sweet.

When to Drink

Pinot noirs are often used as a summer wine, with a medium-blooming plant. It’s a nice dry wine for those hot summer days, when you want something refreshing and citrusy without burning your throat or overwhelming the senses. Merlots tend to have more robust flavors, with dark fruit flavors and dark berry aromas. There are also many kinds of pinots that are available in all types of climates.

The Growing Process

Because the vines on a Pinot Noir vineyard grow very long roots, there’s a lot of work involved in harvesting grapes. The longer the roots grow, the darker the skin gets, so the darker the skin, the better it is for the grape (as well as the wine). Preparing a a Pinot Noir grape for harvest requires about nine months of work in the vineyard

As far as production goes, Pinot Noir is most popular in dry and medium-dry climates. Pinot Noir production is quite steady in these areas, because the vines need little maintenance. The grapes needs only water and a few hours of sunlight each day for growth. In addition, the vines will grow back even if they’re cut down to very small sizes, so there’s never any concern about replanting.

Types of Wines

Pinot Noir is also available in a variety of styles and vintages. Most producers tend to offer an aged version of each varietal, but you can also find some of the more popular ones in cork barrels, which give the wine a distinct flavor. Some Pinots are made in a single year and others are available throughout the year.

Pinot Noir is a great red to have with your favorite meals or just after dinner. It’s perfect if you’re looking for a light-flavored wine. Its light flavor and fruity aromas make it a good choice for drinking with meats and cheeses. The delicate flavors are great with a creamy pasta sauces. And, of course, the fruitiness of this dry red makes it perfect for serving with a milk chocolate dessert.

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