If you enjoy drinking wine, but you hate the taste of cheese, then it might be time to try combining the two to create a tasty combination. Many people are turning to pinot noir wine to go along with their favorite cheeses because it helps them bring out the flavors of the cheese without the high acidity levels that are common with many different types of red wine. In this article we will discuss the best pinot noir wines for cheese pairing.

Cheese and Wine Pairings

Pinot Noir

The first wine that comes to mind when it comes to pairing cheese with wine is Pinot Noir. Pinot Noir is often very high in alcohol content and this often coats the tongue. Some cheeses like roquefort or blue cheese will be very pungent and too sharp to tolerate even the most mellow wines. That’s why we recommend going with a more suble cheese when drinking pinor noir. A dutch gouda or a made in Oregon cheddar cheese (like Tillamook) are great choices.


The second wine that I would recommend for cheese pairing is Chardonnay. While some people feel that the bitter and sour tastes of this particular wine are a bad match for cheeses, there are a number of cheeses that can actually benefit from having Chardonnay. These include camembert, a Shropshire (blue cheese) or fontina. The acidity in Chardonnay allows the taste to linger longer on the palate, so you will not experience as much aftertaste as you might if you had chosen a lighter red wine like pinot noir.

A great combination of wine and cheese is unlike any other. When you learn about how the two flavors can bring out the best in each other, it makes wine tasting (and cheese eating) that much more fun!

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