The Basics

It is not uncommon for wine connoisseurs to ask the question, ‘What weather affect wine grapes?’ What they mean by weather affecting wine grapes is that when the weather becomes hot and humid, most grape vines begin to produce a smaller amount of fruit compared to grapes planted in cooler climates. In hot, humid conditions, grape vines are forced to work harder and produce a smaller yield per plant to compensate for the lower quality of fruit.

How Weather Affects Wine Grapes

Conditions for Growing

The best way to combat hot conditions is to water the vines as often as possible. It is also important to take care of the vines during the cold weather by allowing them adequate air circulation and watering. The best time of year to try and grow grapes is during spring. The cooler the weather, the bigger the harvest. Ideally, the optimial temperature for growing wine grapes is between 77-90 degrees F.

Warm vs. Cold

The way grapes are grown also influences the quality of the grapes, as warm climates tend to have more vineyards, which allows for larger amounts of grapes and therefore better quality wines.

Although some wines may have been produced in a climate that is considered to be ‘temperate’ (ie. colder than normal), it is actually more difficult to grow wine grapes in this type of environment.

Types of Grapes

Some grape vines are hardy and able to survive in very warm conditions. Some grapes can handle warmer climates better than others, depending on the quality and type of grape. However, it is important to know what your grapes need. This will affect what weather affects wine grapes for you. If you know what kind of grapes you want to grow and what the climate in your area is like, you will be in a better position to choose the right type of grapes for the right climate.

Weather is just one factor that influences grape production, and the final wine product. The process of making our wine is a complex one but we love it!

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